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Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
twitterxd maki it very clear that this was not part of the act. some say that it could be thefá blessing gone wrong, an accident, others say it was on á purpose. >> was the host arrested? what's going on with his legal situation? >> looks like there may be a possibility of criminal charges being pressed. he also said that his doctors say they are cautiously optimistic that he'll recover with no >> he was supposed to be doing what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop in oklahoma. he asked for thefá usual driver license, registration, insurance, but then he noticed something was off and the driver said he was in amarillo, texas, doing a roofing job and was on his way home with the other workers and that's when the officer realized there's no tools in this car and that tipped him off. he asked everyone to step out of the fácar. and this is what came next. >> are they all taking off? my goodness. there's a ton of them. >> you see four people getting out and then another one and another one and another one. turns out there were 14 undocumented immigrants that got out of this suv. >> t
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
thinking the same thing. so we are not maki muss eck. you are making a sort of >> are yaking assessments. >> and but anyway she convinced me. and i went to chicago. and when the conductor meets an organize tra, has to say something. you cannot say just good morning. beethoven fifthth. there is a sort of-- and i didn't know what to say. i thought maybe i say this you know, but the usual phrase, i'm so happy to be here with you. and they know exactly that you are going to say this. and this is nothing new but e last moment sothing ca to my min that was really true. i said i conducted you more than 30 years ago. at that time i was a young man. and a young conductor. now after more than 30 years, i don't, i hope that you will not collect the ruins of that man and that conductor. so like pompeii, you know. and they reacted in a very direct and happy way. and we start to-- . >> re: it was a maiage made in heaven. >> then i started precocious symphony number three that is a very difficult and dramatic symphoniment and from the first moment i felt that i had a ferrari in my hand. you know this i
FOX Business
Dec 18, 2012 12:00am EST
it's because we are always maki fun. >>ournalism and ordere the imf. melissa: you will work on no for next year. moving into the end of the world which some restaurants are prepping for by offering domesday deals. they have to get rid of the food, so you might as ell blowout. take a look at this deal by carl's jr. it is "money with melissa francis" by 12 by 12 burger. still pattis, 12 slices of cheese, and well strips of bacon. hosting the last friday party. and a hotel and long beach is having an end of the world party. are you going to split that with me? >> i like that cheese catastrophe. >> forget about it. melissa: how possibly -- could use machine down? you would have to nibble around the edge. >> that was like a two-story hamburger. alka-seltzer. really. melissa: what do you think? how would you work on that? >> i would take it apart 1p said the time, but leaning tower of cholesterol. incredible. melissa: my theory is bacon makes everything better, but this is one case. next up, the new logo for the university of california. that is what they say it is. after a firestorm of
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Dec 5, 2012 12:00am EST
thesdoctors at end of the day end up paying higher income tax after what they're maki at work is cut. when they get home and the government comes back and takes a bigger bite. >>melissa, your viewers many already faced wi this 50,000 or abo tax that is going to occur if thi isn'solved. i want to point out physicians this is gross fire, manyy physicians have a lot of expenses hidden in that. they're not making $250,000. the cost of machinery. cost of tests. cost of keeping offices open. every smalbusinessas the problem. doctors will get in the positiono say wait a minute, i can't afford to ke care of tse patients. maybe they go t the hospital. melissa: on p all that the doctors are affected the health care act's restrictions. >> theyill not be able to offer certain technological solutions because insurance won't pay f it. i want to order thattest but insurance won't pay. i'm still liable even if i can't order it. obamacaris squeezing us already before this issue comes up. melissa: the bottom li, you see fewer and fewer pele going intthe field. when you see how hard it is to make money and m
Dec 26, 2012 3:00am PST
competitiveness, aren't these, if you look at american companies, airporen't they maki profits, the big ones? how does that play into it? >> the companies are making profits, but most american companies now are very global. they have operations all around the world. >> their money is elsewhere. >> well, and part of the reason their money is elsewhere, because we've got a crazy tax system. we don't tax multinationals like anybody else. >> is that affecting our competitiveness? >> which countries around the world are you most worried about in your research as the real competitors? >> it's funny. we actually looked at where american companies were considering putting businesses and which companies -- countries we were competing with. you'd be surprised. we're competing with the whole world. there's lots of countries growing up. it's not just china, india, brazil. it's all of the above. back in the days when we were threatened by japan, it was just japan. now we've got a whole bunch of countries, including mexico, that are making radical improvements in their infrastructure, in their business en
Dec 27, 2012 1:40am PST
your whole house can count on. >>> maki ng news in america this morning -- >> a powerful and deadly storm slams a huge chunk of the nation. and it's not over yet. snow, rain and wind are causing major destruction. we will let you know what you can expect today. >>> also this morning, a turn for the worse. former president george h.w. bush is now in intensive care. what doctors are saying about his prognosis. >>> plus, a twist of luck after a horrible crash. how a jogger jumped into action to help save a man's life. >>> and who says you have to be a kid to get giddy over your gifts? this viral video shows a man's genuine joy. and now, his family is sharing his story.
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am EST
you five different ways to maximize your bubble is ray food and wine editor from "food & wine maki magazi magazine." >> i brought you enough. glad to be here. sdhoo that will get us through lunch. >> part of the point is if you buy in bulk you get a discount. that's a great idea. >> for any product? >> most good wine stores will give you a discount, which is done perignon and on down. the nice thing is you have all sorts of things can you do with it. >> show us, ray. >> first of all, you can have a toast, which is -- >> thank you. >> that's the key thing. >> to 2013. >> to 2013. cheers. >> god bless us every one. >> can you do other things too. >> okay where. >> that ain't bad. >> cava is about $10 a bottle give or take. >> it's much more expensive than that. >> you calls make cocktails. this is a cocktail called french 75. that's cognac and simple syrup, and a little bit of lemon juice. >> what's not simple syrup? >> complicated syrup. >> all right. >> simple syrup is simply water and sugar, you know, blended together -- melted together. we do a little shaking. >> uh-huh. >> we do
Dec 7, 2012 5:30pm PST
but can't predict how bad the fiscal cliff will affect economic growth. here is dean maki at barclays capital. >> we had 146,000 jobs created. that are pretty much in line with the last two months and right in line with where we think the trend is right now. president obama's re-election clearly reduced one set of uncertainties which was who's going to win the election. we now know that he did win, but it hasn't reduced the uncertainty surrounding the fiscal cliff and what's going to happen there. if the full fiscal cliff were to occur, we'd expect a much worse outcome. probably a contraction in the 1% to 2% range in the first half of 2013. this is a very important issue. the economy was performing reasonably well in the months leading up to the potential fiscal cliff. we saw that in the job numbers for november. we've also seen it in the gdp numbers for the third quarter which rose 2.7% annualized. that doesn't ensure us against a downturn if the fiscal cliff does occur. >>> parliamentary endorsement of the plan will likely pave the way for eindia to push ahead wih more economic refo
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm PST
and so we decided to set up a nice barter system. feel it. makie sure it's nice and formed. open it up mmm sweet. we just need some coturri's zin right now.i can't start drinking this early carlo.what kind of italian are you. when you have all of this stuff ready to eat we can have a glass of wine. there you go.once bins are full of phil's produce, they load up carlo's car for the journey to downtown sonoma. carlo's restaurant is meritage martini oyster bar and grill. the style of cuisine is northern italian and southern french kind of a blending of those two cuisines or style of cuisines with a lot of local ingredients.carlo designed the restaurant with local handmade elements.we had hand blown glass from bacchus glass, which is made actually here in sonoma.we augmented that with antique redwood which we got off of old chicken barnswe recycled that woodand that's what we built our bar with. it's all a backdrop for his local ingredient-driven menu. carlo begings preps for a salad topped with zucchini blossoms, freshly picked in phil's garden.i'm stuffing the zucchini blossoms with dung
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9